Saturday, 6 January 2007

Loooook At Me...

"Etfarrag Ya Salaaaaam".. that`s Arabic for.. step right up ladies and gentlemen :D...
that`s what u hear at the circus.. and that`s the only thing i can say 2 describe the lovely lovely Egyptian official statement that was released yesterday...
Our dear presidenet MOMO "a.k.a. Mubarak" said in an interview with Israeli newspaper "Yediot Ahranot", and i`m here quoting what our own "Al-Ahram" newspaper put on its first page : "- Executing Saddam on the day of the feast.. is barbaric and a disgusting.. and his trial was illegal..." !!!
"- WMDs are a danger for the whole area.. and we won`t just stand and watch Iran own them"!!
and on another piece "- Egypt understands why Ethiopian forces entered Somalia..."!!!

Now i get confused.. when this same man comes on our national TV , and keeps talkin abt the independant voice in his head "and i think there are 3 of those or something :P", I mean we didn`t hear any opposition of the trial while it was goin on.. and now all of a sudden it`s illegal ??!!!
And now that Master Bush said that he didn`t want the execution to be "that" way we suddenly think the same ??!!!
And the loveliest part is.. the PM of Israel said they have nuclear weapons.. and we didn`t break a sweat.. but when another country, which is supposed 2 be against Israel "our so called sworn enemy", and standing against the "American Devil" , and is trying to break the locks.. and stand up for themselves.. one way or another.. we suddenly are worried abt the WMD??!! c`mon!!!
Oh and my favourite.. Somalia.. the country that has been plagued by wars and famines decade after decade.. and for once there is a national force.. that wants 2 make things right.. sure they may be fundamentalist Islamists.. but hey.. they didn`t do anyone any wrong.. all they did was bring justice and peace to the land they ruled.. and instead of helping them and opening them to the world.. we support the "foreign" forces.. that went into the country 2 ruin things allover again ??!!.. oh and btw... Ethiopian forces are backed by the USA Almighty ;)

Now U Tell Me.. Who`s The One Hearing Voices :D:D:D!!!!!!!