Sunday, 11 March 2007

Eftekasat.. and their siblings...

i was lately " afew months ago that is :P ", introduced to the underground music scene in Egypt by a friend of mine.. and by underground i mean bands that are extremely talented and original.. but don`t get enough credit, and most people don`t even know they exist... because they sing what they feel.. not what the producers want..and that`s why they don`t have any big time recording deals or anything like that...
of those..the most famous band is a band called "Wust El-Balad",,, which is a huuuuge hit among youngsters here.. they play contemporary music..original lyrics and music, stuff that blows ur mind if ur into it.. they perform at many venues..even the opera house... but sadly they have no luck in the local or even satellite music channels, cause they don`t work w/ any big producers..
Other bands include names like Black Theama - nubian oriented band-, Nagham Masry -contemporary music-,,Kairokee -oriental rock-,and many many others,, but of of my personal favourites.. Eftekasat ; they play original scores of jazz.. they have their own distinct flavour..and they have released their first studio album.. "Mulid Sidi El-Latiny".. a stunning piece of work..
keep up the good work people... and long live free music !!!

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