Monday, 19 March 2007

Still Alive!!

This is a Anti-War demonstration that was organized in DC last weekend.. it was pretty chilly.. but the people still gathered and voiced their concern and support for Iraq.. and their disgust w/ Bush's war and what it`s leading to...

I dedicate these pictures to all those pessimists that keep saying that Iraq is all cooked, and there is nothing we can do to help.. your voice out there is NEVER to be under-estimated... and also to my "American Imperial Conspiracy" friends.. some of the arabs that live in America are better than u are,, hell some americans are better than u are.. at least they are not too scared to voice their opinion and make a stand for it... DOWN WITH THE IDIOT "a.k.a G.W. Bush!!!"!!!

The pics were taken by "Aya Hijazi" a dear friend, and an activist that will get somewhere w/ it probably - but hopefully not elly baly balek :P-... thanks Aya :)... 3o2bal elba2y ;)

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