Monday, 12 March 2007

Peace.. Rest In Peace...

I`ve been watching lately lots of TV shows of people yelling, and reading newspaper columns of people also yelling... all about something that we have known for 40 years now.. "Israel killed hundreds of helpless Egyptian soldiers after they surrendered and became POWs = Prisoners Of War",, now i am 22 and i`ve read this in more than 10 different places thru the years abt this.. and the government surely knows abt this.. after all..they all were here during ..right ??!!

But now because an Israeli documentary comes out saying that they did actually do that, we start barking.. and the laughter hasn`t started yet.. our foreign minister clearly said "we will not cut our relations with Israel based on a tape... we will ask Israeli officials to look into it"... now tell me that`s not hilarious :D:D:D!!!!!
We are gonna wait for the killer to look into it..and maybe admit that he killed helpless people who are supposed 2 be protected by all treaties of modern world, and bear in mind that this Nazi state .. is a state that waged a war on Lebanon for the sake of one soldier... sure they didn`t get him back.. but that just tells us how much they value their own.. but here?? nooooooooo !!!, i guess it has to do with the fact that we`re too many.. i wonder what China would do if it were in our place ...

There was a show on TV last night..and they had a few soldiers from that era who escaped those concentration camps in Sinai..and what they told is just inhuman!!.. i don`t know if Egyptians have human rights.. but i think.. i think.. that Africans do.. we`re not asking for a miracle.. we`re simply asking for the trial of the mass murderer "Benjamin Bin Aliazer".. who was head of one of the many units that were responsible for the Sinai Holocaust.. you can protect the rest of the bastards.. for now... just give us this one..and the rest will follow... remember the Nuremberg trials?? WE WANT JUSTICE... we are descendants of Sam as well.. and we want our right... just like they called it!!!

All i can do is simply pray 2 God; please... let there be value for Egyptian blood that was spilled 40 years ago... and let the corrupt and guilty pay the price... ON BOTH SIDES!!!

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bakar said...

the problem is,where were those who escaped from that holocaust during 40 years???moreover,those zionism won't leave a chance 2 prove that they beated us befor,which means they must have published this tape years's like a magicican who gets ur attention to something while he does another thing,just 2 blind us on the comming constitutional amendments,and as always,when the parliament agrees on the damn constitutional amendments every one will forget the tape matter and it's over !!!!