Thursday, 15 March 2007

Speaking of squashing...

Today ladies and gents is set to be another encounter between the Egyptian squash-forces and the opposition.. leaders of anti government movements such as Kefaya, Ikhwan, The Coalition and some of the impaired parties have called for a rally 2day in El-Tahreer square "Liberation Square... ironic isn't it :P".. the rally will begin at 5 pm.. and from the looks of it, seems it`s gonna be a cold evening.. but no fear.. the men in black -as u seen down there in the previous pic- are expected to spare no effort in keeping the protesters warm.. i`m guessing the number will be as breathtaking as always "100 soldiers for every 1 protester"...

The reason why these people are protesting is simple.. they wanna say no to the constitutional amendments that the governing party wants to pass, and will probably do either way.. the new amendments will revoke any authority for judges over the coming elections.. meaning the judges won`t be there to ensure the process is clean or not, which means it`s goin back 2 the 99.99% results again !!!
Also they intend to pose new and more strict rules one those who want to run for president..which in the end leads to the well-known scenario of "son takes over the family business after daddy"..

God save Egypt.. God bless the viewers at home :P... and certainly .. God save the protesters from what will probably happen 2 them!!!

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